9:00 AM ~ Event Welcome

Ephesoft’s CEO will recap the past year and provide insight into what is ahead for the conference and the company.

9:30 AM ~ Morning Keynote – Open Source Innovation

Jesse Wu - Red HatJesse Wu, Head of Product Management, Red Hat

More and more we are seeing enterprise applications adopting open source solutions for their technology stack. In his Strategic Investment and Product Management role, Jesse Wu has helped bring to market the first Open Hybrid Cloud offering. Jesse will share the importance of Open Source both as an operating and innovation model. How to stay nimble and innovative in the constantly evolving industry.

With a 15+ year track record in helping companies at critical inflection points, Jesse has successfully built and led Venture Investment, Product Management, and Strategic Planning functions in S&P 500 Technology companies. Most recently, Jesse has managed the innovation pipeline for a $300M R&D budget, a multi-million dollar venture fund, and roadmap for all emerging products at Red Hat. Jesse is active in local entrepreneurial communities serving as Executive Council Member and Mentor in various accelerators.

10:00 AM ~ Innovation Challenge

Ephesoft’s Mantra—and the conference’s inspiration—is Innovation. CTO Ike Kavas will share the engineering philosophy and product development progress that illustrates innovation in advanced capture.  This year, Ike will also explain how end users and integrators play an important part in driving and enhancing innovation, and how their real world applications are driving future innovation.

10:30 AM ~ Break

11:00 AM ~ Ephesoft 4.1

There are numerous exciting features and enhancements in the Ephesoft Enterprise 4.1  This session will cover the top game changers and how they can improve the customer experience, including upgraded database and OS support, security changes, user interface design, data extraction capabilities, image enhancement, and multidimensional classification.

11:30 AM ~ Extend Ephesoft Enterprise with APIs, LOB and MFP Integration

Ephesoft is the only document capture and extraction system to employ RESTful APIs, which make ERP, CRM, document management and other back office  programs document capture enabled. Learn how our API integration can embed advanced capture into  solutions like SharePoint, Salesforce and other Line of Business applications.  Almost every mid to large organization today utilizes MFP devices for copying, but are they taking advantage of their scanning and capture capabilities.  With MFP  capture, you can extend point of capture document onboarding throughout  your  organization. SnapDoc uses your mobile device’s camera to capture documents. Both quick and convenient, users can now capture document images from their mobile devices and ingest them into the robust Smart Capture® engine, with image processing, corner detection, OCR, classification and data extraction directly into your Ephesoft platform.

12:00 PM ~ Vendor Introductions

The Ephesoft partner eco-system and “best of breed” integration is key to our success. During this “speed-introduction” session, we will share the value propositions of our sponsors. Our platinum sponsors will also be presenting a brief introduction to their solutions.

12:30 PM ~ Lunch

1:30 PM ~ Customer Success Panel Discussion

At Ephesoft, we develop amazing software products, but it is our clients who perform the real magic as they create real-world solutions for their end users. Clients and partners from familiar industries including manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and real estate will represent in this case study showcase. We dive into their experiences and share the valuable knowledge you can take back and apply to your Ephesoft implementations. During a panel discussion, the audience will have a chance to pose questions to our “rock stars”.

2:15 PM ~ Introduction to Universe

This will be the first opportunity for INNOVATE Attendees to get a detailed look at Ephesoft Universe, our smart analytics platform for unstructured content. We will cover the basics of training the software to classify documents, identifying content to be extracted, and building data visualization and dashboard tools. Wondering if your organization could leverage its document repositories for business insight? Attend this session to get a better understanding of unstructured content analytics and document repository mining.

2:45 PM ~ Break

3:15 PM ~ Vertical Breakouts

Some of the most popular sessions at Conferences have been the interactive roundtable discussion sessions. These are designed for focused groups of attendees, along with a representative from Ephesoft as a Subject Matter Expert, to sit and share experiences, solve problems, and glean practical advice. These are the epitome of peer-to-peer learning.
There will be no slide shows or presentations during these sessions, only discussion. Our representative will lead the conversation, and all attendees are encouraged to share their stories and experiences; to ask plenty of questions of each other and the subject matter experts. We allow for 45 minutes for the session but often conversations continue throughout the event and into the evenings. It is an excellent way to build relationships with your peers who have similar goals, objectives, struggles, and successes.

  • Financial
  • Back Office
  • Public Sector
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Business Development

4:15 PM ~ Downtime

Check your emails and freshen up for our night out.

5:00 PM – 9:00 PM ~ Special Social Event

Register for Innovate 2016

9:00 AM ~ Day Two Welcome

9:15  AM ~ CEO Prospectives

Join Ephesoft CEO Don Field as he discusses technology, industry & business trends and applications for innovation with industry leaders; including George Hoyem,  Managing Partner with In-Q-Tel, and Charles Boicey, Chief Innovation Officer with Clearsense.  Don will interview these thought leaders for their perspectives on topics ranging from open source technology, cloud computing, and integrating innovation with legacy systems.

9:45 AM ~ Real World Applications for Ephesoft Universe

Since its introduction last year, Ephesoft Universe has inspired ideas for discovery, document relevancy, predictive analytics and many more advanced explorations. Early adopters are leveraging the power of Ephesoft Universe to identify redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) information that clogs document repositories and makes them unusable.  In this session we will look at some of the first practical applications with this technology platform, and how your organization may apply Universe as part of a big data/big document initiative.

10:15 AM ~ Product Roadmap

During this session, we’ll examine the latest features and upgrades coming to the Ephesoft Smart Capture suite of products and discover what to anticipate from upcoming releases. We’ll discuss the new capabilities of the product suite and request you share your needs for the Ephesoft product and solution portfolio. Products covered in this session include Enterprise, SnapDoc, and Universe, plus enhancements to Web Services and Mobile SDK.

10:45 AM ~ Break

11:15 AM ~ Enterprise Integration Strategies for ECM

No matter the market, documents and their content have tremendous value to your line of business applications. As a “best of breed” document onramp, we will look at how you can embed Ephesoft capture functionality in your line of business systems without leaving their familiar business application. Consider integration with Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, INFOR, PeopleSoft SharePoint, and other business applications, with instant access to content – right at your fingertips.

11:30 AM ~ Connecting the Product Suite

Today, Ephesoft offers three product lines: Enterprise, SnapDoc & Universe. In this session we will reveal how the products are coming together to form a powerful advanced capture platform, addressing accelerating transaction processing, extending capture to mobile devices, and proving insight into document repositories. This session is all about Smart Capture and extending Ephesoft’s expertise in capture to all unstructured documents. You will learn how our product innovation is being applied to all Ephesoft solutions.

12:00 PM ~ Lunch

1:00 PM to – 5:00 PM ~ Technical Track Sessions 


PART ONE – Integration

1:00  ~ System Integration with RESTful API Interface

While Ephesoft Enterprise offers plenty of “out of the box” flexibility and power, real capture solutions are unlocked with the Web Service APIs. Learn from some of our Professional Service teams’ favorite projects.

1:15  ~ Integrating Ephesoft Enterprise with Office365

Learn about the new integration options you have when working with Office365

1:30 ~ Enable your SAP to capture

“The best run Businesses run SAP” as SAP says themselves. You chose SAP to be the leading system in your company for various processes, but it may not always be the center of departmental process interaction. See how we integrate our Automation solutions into SAP and work with Live Data from SAP to accelerate business processes and ensure working with the information provided by the company’s leading IT system. Get the most out of your strategic investment!

1:45 ~ Enhanced security with Web Scanner

Learn about the latest HTML5 Web based secure communication scanning module without using traditional Java Applets .

PART TWO – Building Applications

2:00 ~ Capture in the Palm of your Hand

Learn about the new mobile capture technology that is offered using Ephesoft’s SnapDoc mobile application and how you can build your own app using the Ephesoft Mobile SDK.

2:15 ~ MFP Automation:  A shift away from legacy production capture services

A shift away from legacy production capture services. Join us on a comprehensive journey into the world of distributed capture. Find out how decreasing the time of acquisition can result in hard dollar savings.

2:30 ~ Line Item Matching

See the Line Item Matching feature in use to help ensure that Invoices match the data found in your PO database.

2:45 ~ Learning Extraction Rules from Operators

Leverage the knowledge of the Validation Operators to dynamically create extraction rules.

3:00 ~ Break


3:15 ~ Can your Machine Learn? What grade would you give it?

Let’s explore the latest in Ephesoft technology and how Universe can Learn and adapt for data extraction based on simple end user training.

3:30 ~ Take a deep dive into how Ephesoft Enterprise classifies documents.

Learn about the various options of classification in Ephesoft Enterprise, including what use cases would be appropriate for each.

3:45 ~ Advanced Extraction – Fast and Furious

In today’s capture world it is all about data extraction, how fast can it be setup and how accurate can it be! Join us to take a look at the new extraction tools that are in the Ephesoft 4.1 release. We examine these new tools in real world scenarios and situations and review the vast improvements in table extraction, field extraction, and global batch class management.

4:00 ~ Keeping it Safe!: an overview of security and sign-on protocols

Implementation of Common Access Card (CAC) / Private Identity Validation (PIV) Authentication.  Certificate based authentication walk-through.

4:15 ~ Gain Insights Into Ephesoft Enterprise via Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting offers the ability to see details on how Ephesoft Enterprise is performing in relation to Classification and Extraction. Use Advanced Reports to see where Ephesoft Enterprise is performing well, and where the rules or training need to be updated.

1:00 – 4:30 ~ Sales, Marketing and Business Development Meetings.

During the technical sessions we will also have casual breakout meetings for Sales, Business Development and Marketing groups for side discussions and planning with our partner community. Everyone will return to the main session for closing remarks and the executive panel.

4:30 ~ Executive Panel and Q & A

As we wrap up the main conference our executive team will share their insights from the conference and open up questions to our audience.

5:00 ~ Main Conference Ends – Offsite Dinners and Open Evening for guests returning for Wednesday Workshop Training

Register for Innovate 2016

Innovate workshops offer the opportunity to work hand in hand with our engineers, trainers and professional services teams.  These sessions include the chance to work with our pre-release software, latest tools, and even some new unannounced features.

The morning Enterprise 4.1 track runs for all registered workshop guests; the afternoon agenda will be shorter a-la-carte classes.  They all run in sequence so you can’t miss a session..

After the conference on Thursday and Friday there will be Advanced Training class to be held at the Ephesoft HQ. This course is not part of the conference and requires an additional fee. For information on the Advanced Training class please visit our corporate website.

Note that there is an additional charge of $250 for the workshop program.

9:00 AM ~ Enterprise 4.1  Be among the first to get certified in Ephesoft Enterprise 4.1 

The morning workshops and certification exam are designed for those already certified in Ephesoft Enterprise 4.0 to introduce the new features of 4.1. If you have not had the chance to join our 3-day basic training sessions at headquarters you can complete the online Computer Based Training at your own pace before the event. Certifications for Version 4.1 will be awarded to those earning scores of 80% or higher

12:00 PM ~ Lunch

1:00 PM ~ Afternoon Workshops

The afternoon workshops run as 30-60 minute sessions including but not limited to these topics: WebServices API Integration, Line Item Processing, Building SnapDoc Apps, Optimizing RecoStar OCR Engine, Server Optimization, and Enterprise Scripting.

Webservices API Integration

Explore how Ephesoft technology can be leveraged to interact with different systems.

Table Extraction Enhancements

Take a deeper dive into the  Line Item Matching and table extraction module and how to streamline an AP process. Realize the benefits of line item matching to an AP process and how table extraction can improve processes like EOB and POD extraction.

Building SnapDoc Apps

Learn how to build apps with the new mobile capture technology that is offered using Ephesoft’s SnapDoc mobile application and how you can build your own app using the Ephesoft Mobile SDK.

Optimizing RecoStar Engine

Further Improving Recostar Extraction Results – Whether using Recostar for OCR or ICR, there are a number of great tips to help improve the results given by Recostar

Ephesoft Universe

Deep Dive Exploration of the Universe – Using Universe to classify, train and extract the data you need using Machine Learning and our patterned data dimensions.

Server Optimization

Optimizing Ephesoft Enterprise – Leverage the experience of past deployments to fine-tune your Ephesoft Enterprise Server.

Scripting and rapid batch class creation

Build faster and do more: overview view of Scripting and helper utilities – Join us for an overview of the scripting world within Ephesoft as well as the tools used to build batch classes faster.

Register for Innovate 2016